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Grain Fine Cleaner

Agriculture in India is one of the top contributors to our GDP. Over the past few years, the agriculture sector has seen much automation in its processes. The industrial revolution in the past has helped countries like the United States of America to automate their agricultural processes. This not only ensures quality enhancement of the produce. But it also helps the farmers in achieving higher throughput and lower the incurred costs.

India is also growing on a large scale by welcoming automation processes in the field. This acceptance of machinery and equipment has led to the formation of machine manufacturers in India to sustain and increase growth. One such company is Zenagrow which is motivated in providing the best possible products and services to our farmers.

Zenith Engineering and works – a brief overview

Zenith Engineering and works or Zenagrow is a firm established in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural sector with technology. The firm is based in Saha, Ambala, India, and holds patents on several technology and machines including seed cleaners, seed graders, sorters, vegetable processing, and many more.

In 2014, they received the ISO 9001 certification. And since then, they have been achieving milestones along the journey. The innovative ideas, technological exploration, and dedicated team have helped them achieve success in all aspects of the business.

They are one of the best seed graders machine manufacturers supplying to different farmers across the globe. Their seed graders include technologies to clean and grind all kinds of food grains like wheat, bajra, rice, all types of grams, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, etc. The machine is also equipped with technology to remove dust and foreign particles from the grains.

Why select Zenagrow’s seed grader and fine cleaner?

Several companies manufacture seed graders and fine cleaner machines. The grain fine cleaner manufacturers rely heavily on the moving parts to remove the dust and foreign particles from the seeds or grains. However, most of the technology fails due to the open hood design of these machines. Farmlands are not devoid of dust and dirt and the air surrounding the area always carries the particulate matter into the finished products.

So, how do Zenith Engineering and Works tackle this issue? They have designed their cleaners with closed hood technology. Now, this doesn’t allow the dust particles to enter the cleaning chamber. In this way, they can ensure that the grains are free from any foreign particles before they are sacked into bags.

Another formidable aspect of using the grain fine cleaner is its versatile function. With fine cleaning, the machine is also able to grade the products into four sizes. The sizes can be determined by the farmers as well by just turning the knobs. The adjustable feed gates at the inlet help the cleaners to sort and grade the grains, vegetables, and other food products. At Zenagrow the machines can also be equipped with screens to monitor the sieves, sorters, and graders. This is a very helpful aspect when it comes to the maintenance of the machines. The easy integration and installation at the site reduce downtime and increase the throughput of the products.

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