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Mobile Seed Processing Plant

Back in the early days, the seeds were cleaned and processed by the end. But, due to technological advancements, cleaning, sieving, and testing are done mechanically. This is why the seed processing units come in. one should look for reputed Mobile Seed Processing Plant Manufacturers in India. Here is a guide to what these plants are for and their general functions.

What is a seed processing unit?

The seeds that come from fields directly tend to have a higher concentration of impurities like sands, broken roots, stones, gravels, etc. Now it is crucial to clean the seeds to move up the production chain and reach the storage for replanting and consumption purposes.

These units are designed to clean, sieve, winnow, and test and dry the seeds mechanically. These units are highly helpful in automating the process, which helps in saving time. Usually, the agriculture industry tends to use different machines for different steps of seed processing. But, off late, single processing units are used. Some of these processing units are static, and some are mobile. This means they can go from one place to another.

Why use a seed processing unit?

The main aim of a processing unit is to prepare the seeds for the commercial market. And also to make them replanting ready. This is because the raw kernels from the field are not fit to be consumed by animals and humans. Processing units help make sure that the shell life of the sources is increased over time so that they can survive storage periods. Processing also readies the roots to survive harsh conditions and remain complete and pure.

One of the aims of processing the seeds is to determine if the roots are dry. Dry seeds will survive longer and are fit for replanting in the fields. Also, they are more fit for consumption by animals and humans. Seed processing makes the seeds resistant to microbes and fungus. This is done by coating them with fungicides and antimicrobial chemicals.

Seed processing units also help check the percentage of germination on the seeds. This is crucial for the sources that will be used for re-seeding the fields.

Functions of seed processing units

Some of the functions of processing units by Seed Processing Plant Manufacturers are:

  1. Grading: The processing unit helps grade the seeds based on varying factors like size, germination percentage, shape, weight, etc. This helps in separating the roots for different applications.
  2. Cleaning: One of the crucial functions of the processing unit is to remove unwanted particles from the seeds like stones, clay, trash, unwanted crops, etc.
  3. Checking uniformity: Processing units are designed to test the uniformity of seeds. This is crucial to know if all sources are the same for the commercial market. This process helps remove broken seeds and damaged roots from the lot.
  4. Drying: Lastly, a processing unit helps remove the moisture from the seeds. Water will make the roots go bad quickly. The drying process removes a certain percentage of moisture to help improve their shelf life.

One should look for a high-quality manufacturer like Zenagrow to get well-designed and efficient units. It is crucial to check their effectiveness in cleaning certain types of seeds. Also, they should be perfect for the volume of sources cleaned using them.

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