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Seed Grader Manufacturer

Agriculture in India is moving towards automation. You may ask why automation or even machines are required by the farmers and what benefit does it do? Well, for starters, automation in farming has been the biggest revolution in the United States of America. They helped the farmers to increase their productivity like seed graders manufacturer Zenagrow and reduce their downtime due to manual effort. The farmers were able to produce more in a short time and get a good price for their volume.

India is a big market where 60% of our economy is made up of agriculture. Zenagrow is a company that has the vision to boost the agriculture of India by providing machines to the farmers. These machines not only help in expanding your business but also create more profits. So, let us look at their initial offerings and how the seed cleaning machines and grading machines can help you escalate your agricultural business to newer heights.

Seed Grader Machines

There are many Seed Graders Manufacturer in India and you can see them prominently on the internet. So, what makes Zenagrow different from others? Before we dive into that, let us understand the function of seed graders. A seed grader machine is also called the grain fine cleaner. The primary purpose of these machines is to clean and grind all sorts of food grains. This includes wheat, bajra, millet, green grams, rice, cumin, mustard seeds, etc.
These machines clean and grind the grains and provide you with the best and most fresh raw material for further processing. However, most grain fine cleaner machines manufacturers offer the same thing. The added advantage that Zenagrow provides with their system is the efficient and pure model.

Most grain cleaners have an exposed top and a bottom drain. In such a system, your grains are subjected to foreign particles and dust. This mixes up with the grains and can cause an issue in production. With their system, you will get 2 SKU options, both with a covered hood to avoid any dust or foreign particle accumulation.
In addition to that, they have used quality components and advanced technology to optimize the process and impart a sturdy design. The high performance of the system allows you to achieve optimal speed, extensive life, and easy maintenance.

Overview of Seed Grader Machines

Now, this was all about the Seed Graders Manufacturer from Zenagrow. Apart from that, they have a grader machine that can be used for sorting. Following are the major features of seed grader machines:

  • A feed gate with adjustable knobs to manually allow the sorting space. If the feed gate is opened more, all the seeds will pass through the system. If the height is lowered, only fine grains will pass through it.
  • Sieves of different mesh sizes are deployed to sort the grains as per their size. So, the farmers will get uniform batches of the seeds in their finished baskets.
  • The current SKU can sort up to four sizes of grains. Further developments are going through with the system for better screening.

The machines are easy to clean even with plastic brushes. The main benefit of having this machine is the flexibility and affordability with optimized performance in grading and cleaning the seeds or the grains accordingly.

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