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Specific Gravity Separator

Agricultural and food processing operations are carried out to maintain or increase the quality of agricultural products. It increases the value of agricultural materials after they have been produced. It is estimated that the quality of seed accounts for 20- 25 % of productivity. Specific Gravity Separator Machines are used to clean grains of dust and foreign materials, separate husks from crop processing materials, and inspect seed quality.

In the production of sustainable agriculture, top-quality seeds are also another main thing, and purity, viability, and seed size uniformity are all key factors in determining seed quality. Since the Indian population is continually rising, we must enhance agricultural production and productivity to meet industry demand for the ever-increasing population. In agricultural processing operations, Agro and Food Processing Equipment play a vital role.

The main objective of Specific Gravity Separator Machine

The prime objective of agricultural processing equipment is to reduce the material’s qualitative and quantitative deterioration after harvesting.

Some agricultural processing includes cleaning, grading, sorting, etc. The first and most significant post-harvest activities are cleaning and grading, which remove unwanted elements from threshed grains and separate them into parts. Agro & Food processing equipment manufacturers in India have designed and built numerous types of cleaning, grading, and separating equipment based on the properties of the product to be processed. These machines offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for processing a wide range of seeds, nuts, and grains, and cereals of various kinds.

Working of Specific Gravity Separator Machine!

In the seed processing industry, Specific Gravity Separator Machines play a significant role in seed gradation. Gravity Separators have a rectangular deck that lets the product travel a longer distance. Also, it allows for cleaner separation of light, heavy particles, and the lowest proportion of middling. The product flows over the vibrating deck, which forces compressed air into the material, categorizes it according to its specific weight. The seed with the highest bulk density stays on the deck, while the one with the lowest bulk density lifts. The heavy lot moves upward due to the deck’s vibration and rough surface, whereas the light lot moves downward.

The compressed air supply is adjusted to provide efficient separation by specific weight, which is performed by using individually adjustable air fans to control the amount of air distribution at different sections of the vibrating deck.

All gravity separators have some variable adjustments that should be appropriately adjusted and balanced to achieve optimum separations; these are air control, length-wise, width-wise, inclination, and oscillation speed of the deck.


  • The Gravity Separator makes a highly sensitive grains separation based on three-particle: density, size, or shape.
  • Specific Gravity Separator can easily separate sandy materials as per the density of the product
  • Easy deck removal for cleaning.
  • Multi-fan system for accurate control of the air.
  • Air, feed rate, and deck motion speed are all carefully controlled.
  • Deck inclination is easily adjusted in both longitudinal and transverse dimensions.

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