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Choosing the best Seed Treater for you and your market is crucial to the growth of your business. Thats why Zenith Engineering & Works, Seed Treater Machine Manufacturers in India, offered an advanced seed treaters and systems that are engineered for precision, flexibility, and mobility, as well as gentle seed handling and quick clean-up while minimizing user exposure. Its auto-tilt mechanism ensures that all seeds are treated, from the first to the last. This is the most advanced seed treatment solution available for modern farming operations. The features include robust Construction Longer Life, Better Performance, and affordable price. Our all machines are highly praised due to their sturdy design and excellent performance.

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The product Seed Treater is flowing through the inlet buffer by passing the rotary seed value and wind aspiration into the applicator machine. With spraying disc the product will be distributed in an uniform product veil. Seed treater use the weight of seed to operate the seed measuring system. The seed dressing is pumped with the help of vertically submersible pump into the chemical metering pan and fed continuously through the dosing cups which is easily interchangeable for variable dosing.

The Liquid is feed into the applicators by the pump and the liquid feeding system. The liquid is distributed to the product by the rotating impeller disc. In the secondary Mixing unit the product will be transported and it starts an intensive mixing with the liquid.

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